Friday, September 19, 2008

Tours of Australia

Tours are a great way to explore Australia. As in the case of any country, tours fit any budget and type of traveler. The Great Barrier Reef tours and the adventure tours are some of the most popular, but there are plenty of city tours as well.

Nature Tours

Nature travel is quite a big part of Australia. That means a lot of rain forest tours, cycling and hiking tours, wildlife tours, diving tours, safaris in desert, climbing tours, 4-wheel-drive tours, skiing tours, in short tours that appeal to both adventure travelers and families.

Each Australian region is famous for its own landmarks. Some of the most sought after tours are the Great Barrier Reef tours, which include diving, snorkeling, cruises, fishing.

The private guide tours are also quite popular. They are aimed at families and small groups (up to 6 people) and are the perfect way to explore Australia. For example the Kangaroo Tour of Australia lasts for 12 days and focuses on East, Central and Northern parts of Australia.

City Tours

When visiting a city, tours can be a great way to visit the most important landmarks without the head-ache of planning your own itinerary. Very popular are the open top double decker buses which allow the travelers to explore the cities at their own pace, hoping on and off the buses as they please. This type of tour costs about AUD 30 for adults and AUD 16 for children.

List of Tours of Australia

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