Monday, December 1, 2008

Are you ready for your Holiday Season?

As we approach the holiday season, I believe most everyone must be wondering, what gifts, if any can I afford this season, some might have made the decision not to give any, others might be looking for ideas as to how to get extra money, i.e. credit cards, personal loans, etc.

The point being, is a season of giving, but according to some( media) we're going through hard times, people are losing their jobs, recession, the economy, the stock market is down, interest rates are high, if available, and if you qualify, at his point it is anything and everything happening. Now why do I ask this question about being ready for your holidays?
Emerson suggested that if we look at wealth as an infinity supply, we would always enjoy an abundance of it.

Realize that wealth is like a tide forever flowing out and forever flowing back. Wealth is an idea in our mind, and a mental attitude.

I had the same problem before, not realizing that I am the only thinker in my universe, and that therefore it is up to me to make the necessary changes in my personal life, mind you this is not only about the holidays, but in our every day affairs, and so the question now is,

What I am doing to change my life? Am I willing to take the necessary steps to make those changes?

There's a saying that goes like this,


Are you ready?


Adan said...

I believe that everything is with in the eye of the be holder. What you want is what you get, how long and when? is the fun part.

Adan said...

By the way enjoy this holiday season and may all your family wishes come true.

From The Fragas Family to yours.

Anthony said...

Great Topic!

I also feel that wealth is a state of mind and inner happiness. Yes monetary allowance is needed, but having inner happiness (which includes family and friends) out weighs monetary.

Happy Holidays! Cruzer

Jake Rosario said...

After reading this post...I am more than ready. Ready to shop and spend $20,000 on Christmas gifts in one day. "I want this...and i want all the colors...and all the sizes!" DONE!!!